Rosato is a brand born in the famous Italian goldsmith neighborhood of Arezzo in 2004, which soon became famous in America and in the world of VIPs for its original creations in which the best work of Arezzo goldsmiths is combined with careful interpretation of fashion trends. Over the years, beautiful, sensual and fascinating actresses have been the face, testimonials and icons of the brand, firstly Demi Moore and Elizabeth Hurley. Rosato was acquired in 2011 by the Bros Manifatture group thanks to the intuition of President Lanfranco Beleggia, who admires its creativity and continuous search for innovation. The new team takes Rosato's style and philosophy and interprets them in a modern way, bringing to life unique, exclusive, collectible and desirable jewels that can thrill. Cult objects, creations with attention to the smallest detail capable of enhancing the femininity of women and satisfying their desire for vanity.

Taking possession of a single pink jewel gives joy in harnessing the desire for vanity. The mission of the brand is to make women happy, enhance their sensitivity with unique, collectible and desirable objects to share and love. A mission that does not stop at the simple affirmation of a brand, but requires that you get in touch with the intimacy of the female soul, inspiring every woman.

Each Rosato jewel remembers a special moment to always carry with you, a unique moment like the woman who wears it.

Small works of art that bring collections to life in line with the values of accessible luxury, contemporary design and personal storytelling.

This is the essence of Rosato, skillfully combining the art of goldsmithing with design and creativity, to bring "icons" to life. Representations that interpret the dreams and wishes of every woman. A story, a bond, a world of emotions enclosed in the jewel that has always been desired.

Rosato once again proposes the art of goldsmithing in a modern and creative way: gold and silver are fused, engraved and enriched with precious stones and enamels to create "icons", unique jewels to love and collect. An encounter between fashion, play and elegance capable of speaking to women and men. A symbol of the Italian style that tells the story of the female universe.

Attention to detail and the search for perfection distinguish the brand.

The expertise of master goldsmiths and modern design techniques have allowed us to achieve an unmatched level of quality for a treasure chest of jewels that we would all like to have. Owning a Rosato jewel means jealously guarding a unique piece, a work of art, an icon.

A blend of technology and craftsmanship that celebrates contemporary women in an unprecedented way, with femininity and poetry.

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