Refined ambassador of the Made in Italy style in the world, the Mattioli brand builds its successes on the basis of a noble past, linked to the most recognized and wise goldsmith tradition in Turin.

Specializing in the creation and manual processing of high quality jewelery and goldsmiths, the company has made, from its origins, a valuable contribution of a large number of artisans who work gold in a complete cycle: from the fusion of the ingot to the finished piece.

Starting in 1970, he began designing and producing exclusively some of the most successful models of the most prestigious international house, which continue to use the company's work assiduously with mutual satisfaction.

In 1995, the engineer Luciano Mattioli, carrier of experience and knowledge acquired during years of work in large organizations, acquired the company and asked his daughter Lic Interpreter of contemporary luxury, the MATTIOLI jewels are distinguished by their original classic style, always reinterpreted in a unique way, especially soft and enveloping in the lines of the famous chokers and unmistakable in the rings unique protagonists of infinite looks.It was already a lawyer in Turin, which supported him in the management of the company.


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